Conversations in Polish - ONLINE

Conversations in Polish - ONLINE
Improve your vocabulary and become fluent in Polish!

Do you want to be fluent in Polish? You do not speak fluently or think your pronunciation is not perfect? Or do you simply want to maintain your Polish language skills at a high level? You have come to the right place, the online conversation course perfectly suits your needs!

Our online conversation course focuses on:

  • emphasis on intensive speaking and listening comprehension
  • improvement of the correct pronunciation, accent and intonation
  • expanding your vocabulary through inspirational discussions on a variety of topics
  • dynamic, diverse and motivating communication exercises
  • constant interaction with other course participants
  • small international groups of participants

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Lekcje są interesujące i urozmaicone, a nauczyciele bardzo pomocni. Moja grupa jest bardzo międzynarodowa - to cenne doświadczenie.


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