POLSKI krok po  kroku coursebook

POLSKI krok po kroku
Currently the most modern and widely used series of Polish language textbooks available on the market

We are the publishers of the series of textbooks "POLSKI krok po kroku", which was written by our teachers. Currently it is the most modern and widely used series of Polish language textbooks available on the market.

These course books are written entirely in Polish so that the students are immersed in the new language from the first lesson and motivated to use it. Communication is the main goal - and one that is consistently implemented in all the parts - of our books. The grammatical exercises are woven into a communicative context, and the practical exercises often take the form of a dialogue.

A fictional thread, wound into the fabric of the book, will enrich your learning. It presents the adventures of five heroes who have come to Cracow for a Polish language course. They spend an unforgettable holiday in Poland, getting to know Cracow, Gdansk, Zakopane..., and they go for a trip to the Tatra mountains. And every day they learn, sort out various issues, meet up, cook and ... fall in love.

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Alina Jabłońska Domurat about polish language course
Alina Jabłońska Domurat

Ogromnie mi się podoba pasja i zaangażowanie, z jakim lektorki prowadzą zajęcia. Bardzo praktyczne zajęcia, przydatne zwłaszcza dla początkujących nauczycieli języka polskiego. Ciekawym doświadczeniem jest również wymiana doświadczeń z nauczycielami z różnych regionów Europy i Świata.


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