Kurs języka polskiego dla firm

We are able to ensure comprehensive support for training in the subject of Polish and other languages.

We have specialized in teaching Polish since 1997.

Our staff is made up of qualified trainers who have been teaching Polish with commitment and passion for many years. They are the authors of the popular series of course books "POLSKI krok po kroku" and the materials available on the online platform e-polish.eu. Additionally our teachers conduct numerous methodological training courses both in Poland and abroad, teaching others how to effectively teach Polish.

We are aware of the fact that a professional teaching staff and excellent methodology must be supported by experienced and skillful management, so that the implementation of the training is carried out effectively and guarantees the achievement of the intended goals.

!!!!!!Posiadamy wszystkie te atuty, a także doświadczenie w realizacji dużych projektów szkoleniowych, w których w ramach jednej firmy szkolonych jest ponad 250 pracowników, w około 60 grupach, w zakresie 10 języków.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by our internal system of procedures and quality control. At the same time we are able to flexibly and rapidly react to the needs of our client, and thanks to this our clients very positively value their co-operation with GLOSSA as a provider of training services.

In 2007, GLOSSA launched an online language training system in companies and is one of the few companies in Poland to offer this kind of system to support their language teaching. In 2011 launched the globally unique system of e-learning Polish as a foreign language: e-polish.eu.

We are able to ensure comprehensive support for training in the subject of Polish and other languages.

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Szkoła języka polskiego wg Izabela Olszewska
Izabela Olszewska

Współpraca przebiega wzorowo, a zlecenia są wykonywane z pełnym zaangażowaniem i z najwyższą jakością standardów obsługi klienta.


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