Poland and me competition - winners

Winners of 'Poland and me' competition
'Poland and me' competition

Dear Friends!

I hope that we are not taking too many liberties in calling you ‘Friends’ – we feel that we got to know you all quite well thanks to reading your essays. You invited us to your homes, opened to us your family archives, confided in us your thoughts, fears, plans and dreams. Yet again, your essays turned out to be a kaleidoscope of colourful adventures and events. So many essays deserved rewards, and the choice was difficult. This year we received over 200 essays from 32 countries – Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Congo, Croatia, Czech Republic, Danemark, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan ... and so it took us a long time to reach the verdict. Thank you for wanting to share so much with us.

Congratulations, not only to the winners, but to everyone who took part!

Competition panel: Magdalena Doś, Iwona Stempek, Jerzy Terka, Julia Stempek

Winners 2019

  • 1st prize Janet Fox (USA) - see the essay
  • 2nd prize Rebeca Lema Martinez (Spain) - see the essay
  • 3rd prize Alexander Manitz (Germany) - see the essay
  • wyróżnienia (książki):
    Joseph Brom (USA) - zobacz pracę
    Layla Ninot (Francja) - zobacz pracę
    Bianca Buff (Niemcy) - zobacz pracę
    Andrew Golebioski - zobacz pracę
    Liudmyla Gavrysh (Ukraina) - zobacz pracę
  • wyróżnienia (kurs online):
    Robert Mixa (USA) - zobacz pracę
    Maria Benik (Brazylia) - zobacz pracę
    Matthew Lynden (Australia) - zobacz pracę
    Jacqueline Cisneros Beker (Argentyna) - zobacz pracę
    Sabine Radde (Szwajcaria) - zobacz pracę
    Heiner Kohllöffel (Niemcy) - zobacz pracę
    Saskia Brouwer (Holandia) - zobacz pracę
    Victoria Lubas (USA) - zobacz pracę
    Julia Lindenmayr (Niemcy) - zobacz pracę
    Benjamin Aleksander Rossen (Dania) - zobacz pracę
  • wyróżnienia (film):
    Amelia Trojak (USA) - zobacz pracę
    Stacey Howard (USA) - zobacz pracę
    Lucy Nathanson (Wielka Brytania)
    Andra Gabriela Nastase (Włochy) - zobacz pracę

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Język polski dla obcokrajowców wg Lidia Kuhivchak
Lidia Kuhivchak
Great Britain

GLOSSA has really improved my confidence with spoken Polish and gave me a lot of opportunity to practise it. It is great to meet so many different people from various cultures who all have the same goal. The intensity of lessons make you learn very quickly! An environment like this is definitely the best way to learn a language!


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