The GLOSSA Polish language school, established in 1997, has from the very beginning specialized in teaching Polish to foreigners. During twenty years of our activity, people from all over the world have been learning here – both those who are embarking on their journey with the Polish language as well as those who use it at an advanced level. Regardless of their age, level of language proficiency and country of origin, they felt at home at our Polish language school thanks to the professional team of teachers, who make sure that language learning is not only effective but also exciting.

We know perfectly well the kind of problems foreigners encounter in Poland on a daily basis and the importance of being able to communicate effectively in Polish.

The curriculum of our Polish language school is based on specially designed teaching programmes. Thanks to them, students are able to cope perfectly in the everyday situations they encounter when they are out and about in the city, in a shop, on a street, at a railway station, in a restaurant or at social meetings. In addition, the students who choose individual or business courses are trained on how to deal with formal and business situations. Contact our consultants for help with choosing the best Polish language course at GLOSSA.

Polish for foreigners by Ewelina Odonnell
Ewelina Odonnell
Great Britain

Jestem bardzo zadowolona z udziału w szkoleniu i zachwycona profesjonalizmem, ale także życzliwym podejściem Pani Iwony Stempek i Agnieszki Jasińskiej do naszej grupy. Obie Panie udzieliły nam wielu praktycznych wskazówek, były zawsze wrażliwe na nasze potrzeby i pytania i starały się, abyśmy dobrze czuły się w Krakowie […]. Mam nadzieję, że w przyszłości znowu spotkamy się w „Glossie”.


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