Preparatory Polish courses for studies

Preparatory Polish courses for study - info
Studying in Poland is an opportunity to get a high-level education

The course also covers cultural preparation for studying and life in Poland. The many lectures, workshops and activities outside the school will help you start to feel at home in Poland.


  • The Piast Dynasty
  • The Jagiellonian Dynasty
  • The elected kings period
  • The period of the partitions
  • The XX century
  • Life in PRL (People’s Republic of Poland)


  • Classics of Polish cinema
  • Contemporary Polish cinema
  • Prominent directors of Polish cinema
  • Andrzej Wajda and his films
  • The world of the films of Kieslowski


  • From the renaissance to the present day – the most important Polish authors
  • Wisława Szymborska – poetry as a response to life
  • Zbigniew Herbert – a record of the moment and time travel
  • The works of Czesława Miłosza
  • Sławomir Mrożek or the world of the absurd
  • The master of reportage – Ryszard Kapuściński
  • Selected works of contemporary literature


  • Legends associated with the creation of the Polish state
  • Warsaw legends
  • Cracow legends
  • Poznan legends
  • Torun legends




  • Phonetic workshops - rhymes, poems and more...
  • Grammar for fun!
  • Spelling doesn't have to be scary!
  • Lexical workshops (*)
  • Press club - read the paper with your teacher!
  • We sing in Polish!
  • Theatre workshops
  • Film workshops: watch, repeat, act
  • We read Polish poetry
  • Time for literature - working with a literary text


  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • St Andrew’s day
  • Cookery workshops


  • guided tour of Cracow
  • language workshops in museums
  • walks around Cracow with language learning
  • group outings to the pub
  • outdoor games
  • excursions
  • bicycle tours
  • cruise on the Vistula
  • horse-riding with picnic

(*) choice of subjects according to current needs

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Great Britain

Congratulations - a brilliantly implemented website! I really like the way the material is introduced and the fact that it only uses Polish. At the beginning I thought that without using English I wouldn't learn anything, but it really works! Of course I make use of the grammar commentary in English but this is only to make sure that I understand everything well. There are so many dialogues, recordings and optional exercises that there is no way you can fail to understand something.


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