learn Polish - zakwaterowanie

Stay in Cracow and make yourself at home!

So that your language learning is an effective and at the same time pleasant experience, you will need a comfortable place to stay - your own private space. With this in mind, we have prepared various forms of accommodation. Choose the most convenient option for you and enjoy every moment spent in Cracow.

All locations recommended by us, whether hotels, host families or shared apartments have been carefully selected on an ongoing basis.

The proposed accommodation is located near the school (5-10 minutes walking distance) or at points which are conveniently accessible by public transport.

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Szkoła języka polskiego okiem Maria del Mar Tarrús
Maria del Mar Tarrús

Bardzo dobra szkoła. Małe grupy, dobre nauczycielki. Dużo się nauczyłam i jestem zadowolona, że tutaj studiowałam.


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