COVID-19 safety

COVID-19 safety

The vaccination program against COVID-19, which has been implemented very quickly in Poland, has helped improve the situation from day to day. In recent days, the daily number of infections has been the lowest in more than 12 months. Therefore, we decided to resume classroom meetings at school.

The safety of our students is an absolute priority for us, which is why key safety procedures are implemented:

  • vaccinated staff,
  • regularly disinfected and ventilated classrooms,
  • classes in small groups or individual classes,
  • keeping a distance of 1.5 m
  • mandatory face masks for both students and staff.

Currently, students from EU countries can enter Poland without being subject to quarantine if they meet certain criteria (vaccination, a negative PCR test or antigen tests). Due to the fact that the rules for entry to Poland change, please check the current rules on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nauka polskiego Antonio

I've tried to learn several languages online, but got quickly discouraged, either because the course was too communicative, or because it was too "traditional". I didn't have the chance to learn Polish any way other than online, so I wasn't entirely convinced, but I registered for a course on To my surprise, for the first time I encountered a course there where the communicative method was accompanied by clear grammatical commentary. At the start of the course I relied on this fairly often, but I now I have convinced my self that the material is so fantastically well prepared that I don't really need the comments. I really am learning through pure communication.


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